ValueForm provides high volume food packaging solutions made from straw that replaces the need for plastic and paper products. Valueform meets or beats the price of the paper and plastic solutions it replaces, whilst offering the same technical characteristics with a vastly superior environmental impact.

Valueform believes passionately that the packaging of food in supermarkets and food retailing needs to change moving away from plastic and paper to more sustainable but economically competitive solutions. We want to lead this change, by not only providing the end products to customers, but also providing the technology to the paper industry to convert their plants to use straw and other cereal waste materials.

Valueform’s suite of technology allows us to meet or beat the price of the products our customers are currently using made from paper or plastic, whilst giving a product that ensures the quality and safety of the food that is packaged.

Using our site you can design and select the packaging you would like to create from straw and selecting its parameters, we will send you samples and a minimum order volume to ensure a competitive product.

Origins of the Business

ValueForm Ltd has its origins in the simple idea of using sources of organic waste as an alternative packaging material to paper and polystyrene. ValueForm’s founders were interested by everyday solutions used in the developing world, such as food served on a banana leaf in India and how these simple ideas could be extrapolated to larger scale solutions for the fast food industry.

Working with the UK’s leading academic institutions and UK supermarkets ValueForm has invented and is using unique patented processes based on natural sustainable products, or products using organic waste produced by industry.

We want to do 2 things

  • 1. Provide food retailers of all kinds high volume straw solutions that replace existing paper and plastic products.
  • 2. Transform the global paper pulp moulding industry to use our technology to reduce their cost of production and to produce environmentally superior products.

ValueForm’s clients vary in size and the services they use, ranging from multinational organisations with international operations using our technology, through to food retailers packaging foods and the NHS and disposable medical products.

Technology Transfer
Liciencing Solutions

Valueform has historically been a research and development business, working on the technical challenge of how to use natural fibres as a raw material for food packaging in way that gives the same or better technical characteritics at a competitive price. Our desire to share this research with the global paper pulp moulding industry has shaped and driven our desire to share technology under license.


Valueform allows existing paper pulp moulders to convert to the use of straw re-using all the existing infrastructure. Valueform offer this under a simple technology transfer license.What we have developed allows a plant to convert to use straw/recycled paper composites, depending on the products the plant is making valueform can create a substitution of upto 70% of the product being made from straw instead of paper.

Technology transfer is the process of sharing of skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services.

Valueform offer a technology transfer as opposed to simply the supply of machinery and operating knowledge because it provides the most value to clients. On the back of the technology transfer proposed, paper pulp moulders will be able to extend the methodologies learnt to potentially go beyond the 30/70% recycled paper/straw operating model achieved in the samples made prior to the transfer commencing; by having a full and complete body of knowledge that can be applied with or without Valueform after the transfer is complete. This reduces future costs and leaves the manufacturer without future dependencies. This is in line with Valueform’ s mission of creating a global transformation of the market place to start using cereal wastes.

(See diagram 1.0)

Using ValueForm technology clients are able to:

Substitute paper as a material for something cheaper (straw) that has a smaller environmental footprint?

Alter existing manufacturing processes miniimally to use this new materials.

Understand in detail the cost and product lifecycle changes of using straw.

How to reliably source and put together a supply chain for straw.

Drying Solutions

Valueform drying solutions are able to transform the costs for existing paper pulp moulding suppliers. Compared with conventional drying techniques (including the burning of rice husks and waste fuels) Valueform's drying solutions saves between 10%-25% of energy costs in drying pulp moulded products.

Read below to find out more.

Value Form
Technical Expertise

Valueform are working across disciplines to solve problems.

Bio–composite material science, pulp moulding, mechanical engineering, manufacturing process technology, product cost and lifecycle analysis are just some of the disciplines in which ValueForm works. The relationship ValueForm has with academic partners is such that most projects cut acros s more than one of these disciplines. ValueForm has real expertise in driving value by defining and resolving complex problems into working technology that allows us to move away from plastics and paper.


Replacing paper and plastic food packaging and single use throw away items with straw replacements is our passion.

By establishing complete supply chains of raw materials through to end product, ValueForm can deliver paper & plastic replacement products that you have selected and customised on our site and deliver them to you anywhere in the world.

The Process

Design your product using our site (size, shape colour, food safety compliance eg BRC)

Provide a quantity and delivery schedule for your product(e.g 12 million units used annually delivery split into 1 million units a month)

Required price point.

Valueform will then provide you with a quote for the minimum quantity that can be provided for the required price point that matches your delivery schedule. If you would like to proceed Valueform will provide samples of the bespoke product you have designed (the cost of which will be refunded when you order the quoted volume)

ValueForm is the first business in the UK to be able to offer customers the ability to make pulp moulded products themselves replacing the use of paper whether virgin,recycled or craft by an annually renewable alternative material e.g. cereal straws,with an appropriate processing regime to meet product specification. ValueForm products are made from completely HOME compostable waste materials, and crucially NOT PAPER. This design methodology and implementation is in line with direction set out by government through WRAP, DEFRA and CARBON TRUST and COURTALD AGREEMENT.-

  • No land fill issues
  • Home compostability; This important since
  • Anerobic Digestion is in infancy
  • Carbon efficient Life cycle
  • Post use the materials can be put to second use as biomass for fuel or recycled.
  • No trees are chopped in the processes.
  • Local manufacturing on farms giving added Value to farmers over crop sales.

The processes and features of our unique pulp moulding machines are under patent; ValueForm can provide clients with a finished end product, that meets the technical specifications of a paper or plastic product that needs a cheaper and greener solution.

Why Pulp moulded Products?

Different customer needs

  • Valueform products are more cost effective than the plastic or paper products, with the same safety and technical specifications.
  • ValueForm makes pulp moulded products to fit any shape
  • ValueForm pulp moulded packaging is highly versatile across a huge range of product sizes and types, ValueForm can replace your existing packaging that is paper and plastic and make it from straw.
  • Bespoke tooling means new products, variations and changes can easily be made to the end product.

High Quality Packaging Products

  • ValueForm pulp moulded products and packaging are highly durable
  • ValueForm pulp moulded products are temperature resistant
  • ValueForm pulp moulded absorb vibration and impact highly effectively
  • Hydrophobicity can be imparted to requiredgrade
  • Valueform pulp molded products ensure look to factor in Anti bacterial and barrier properties

The need of 'Green'

  • Environmental credentials are brand enhancing
  • Non paper packaging made from waste is a long term sustainable solution you can tell your clients about
  • Valueform products are easily recycled and use less energy in their recovery, whilst causing less pollution and evironmental impact

ValueForm = Value for money

  • Raw material supplies are stable
  • Tooling is cost efficient and fast
  • Products are light and space efficient for shipping and storing
  • Packaging is easy to customise with shape, food safety standards, branding and high quality finishing.

Disposable Medical Products

In creating a straw based pulp alternative to recycled paper and virgin paper. The challenge has been choosing the applications. Medical products seemed a good space as paper pulp moulded disposable products have been widely adopted and its a good place to make a single use throw away item environmentally better.

We have worked with hospitals local to us to design straw products that can macerate easily complying with the strict water and waste regulations, but also provide patients and care staff with robust products that can handle the unglamorous liquids and wastes that our products have to hold.

All our products are made from a composite of post harvest straw and recycled cellulose fibres which means they are made of waste and are environmentally superior to paper pulped vomit bowls.

Valueform products meet PAS29:1999 standard for pulp products used in healthcare

Medical Bowls Bedpans Urinals

ValueForm Pulp
Moulding Pilot Plant

Through ValueForm’s pioneering research and development work, clients place great value on now being able to learn and use our pilot plant to support the technology transfer associated with licensing.

In partnership with leading UK universities and the Danish Technology Institute our state-of-the-art pliot plant and lab facilities enables us to meet a broad range of client requirements.

Valueform Technology Partners


Valueform has conducted research and commercial projects with different commercial and academic partners. That Include:

Valueform are also looking for distributors and resellers outside of the UK, who share our passion about bio-composite materials and re-purposing organic waste into useful and profitable alternatives. If you would like to become a Valueform reseller please contact us.

Eco-boards (

In partnership with leading UK universities and the Danish Technology Institute our state-of-the-art pliot plant and lab facilities enables us to meet a broad range of client requirements.


A summary of some of our more important new items at ValueForm Ltd is an enterprising SME, the company has since its formation, won several awards including a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS AWARD, 2004, for pursuing innovation and sustainable development with enthusiasm and commitment. It also won the HAMPSHIRE AND ISLE OF WIGHT INNOVATION AWARD from South East Hampshire Enterprise Agency 2004 and is a DTI R & D award winning company.

Valueform Sponsoring Round The World Bicycle Ride

July 2010 - Valueform is sponsoring Tom Lloyd Smith' s London to Sydney bicycle ride. Tom is raising money for Friends Of The Earth and we recommend you keep updated with his travels through his website video blog. Tom' s journey will take him across the world propelled by his own legs and as this kind of distance is rarely travelled at ground level, we hope Tom bring us a unique view on how materials science works in different parts of the world and talk more about how one persons waste is another persons raw material.

We will keep you updated on Tom's journey through our blog.
ValueForm on the BBC

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